How do I display tokens in my MetaMask wallet?

To tokens displayed in the wallet. They need to be added to the wallet. Token Contract Address: 0x64d2d66050c540116a02a49aeda827af67bb1475
Token Symbol: MB
Disimals: 18

How to show tokens in my cabinet?

Write your wallet number, you used for the transfer, and push the save button

How to buy, sell, earn MB tokens?

2 way for buy | sell MB tokens:
1. You can use ForkLog (ETH ExchangeMarket) here is the link for MB tokens.
2.You can buy or sell MB tokens by direct exchange it with another players, who interested in this exchange. You can find this offer in our public forum: MonsterBit.Club

How to earn MB tokens?
1. If you can sell something, what you producng much OR you can sell somthing, what you don't need any more - you can sell it for MB tokens. Put your offer on our public forum: http://monsterbit.club
2. Subscribe on our e-mail subscription, follow our telegram chanel and be updated about last promotions and competition!